Poetry doesn’t reveal the mystery, but brings us closer to it to reveal its charm. Poetry is itself an arcane built on the mysterious power of languages.
In this collection the grace and the singable smoothness of the piano speak through the elaborative wisdom and the fascinating touch of the hands of Paolo Chiarandini.
"Anime e lune" is poetry in poetry. Vibrating strings envelop us in harmonic hugs: secret intimacy of music. Meanwhile, the words chasing each other with thoughts.
And you can dream.

Copertina Anime

When Marco Maiero asked me to rework some of his chorals for piano, I had both enthusiasm to begin a new adventure and some perplexities. How would turn out a composition, originally conceived and created to be sung, without the text, its essential element? After a careful harmonic and structural analysis aimed at identifying those peculiarities that would have allowed me to make the piano "sing" in the absence of the voice, I chose the pieces. I let myself be carried away by creativity and, surprisingly, what helped me most to discover and give life to new ideas to freely rework and reinterpret them, were their lyrics, “poems” modeled on music. Or vice versa, it makes no difference.

Paolo e-Giorgio
Marco e-Paolo-1

The choice of the eighteen pieces was not dictated exclusively by the interest in the musical characteristics, but also by a possible unity that would connect the themes.
In them we will find the paths dear to Marco Maiero that brings us "among these walls of souls (Anime) and moons (Lune)": bricks of memory and light that apparently guard the traces of equal days, but which are renewed in a present incessantly fueled by the mystery of time, colored by the seasons which pulsates with the incredible strength of new loves.
For the choice of the CD cover, I instinctively thought of Giorgio Celiberti. During composition I imagined the colors and shapes of his works so much that after recording the disc I wanted to meet him to present the project and hear from him an opinion. Well, he was thrilled to the point that we immediately looked at some acrylics. The choice fell on " cronaca d’amori felici". It looked like it was painted especially for this project.