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“I want to do the same with you that the spring does with cherry trees”. With this sentence ends a famous poem by Paolo Neruda that leads us in a representative way to the drawing of the cover of this Album: “All’ombra del ciliegio in fiore”. It is from these elements that the inspiration for a cycle of lieder dedicated to Love was born. The Love understood in its widest meaning: from the deep passion that attracts and unites two people to the more general form of affection, such as the attachment to one's land or the tender feeling that leads us back to the dearest memories.


However, even if marginally, there is no lack of the pain of a lost love and the consequent condition of loneliness and unhappiness.
Already in the Romantic period some composers, including Schubert, Schumann and later Strauss and Mahler, paid particular attention to the lieder genre and took it to its highest peaks, often relying on highly prestigious literary texts, such as those of Goethe, Schiller, Müller.
From this idea of ​​"poetry in music" develops the collection of lieder " All’ombra del ciliegio in fiore " which, on the music composed by Paolo Chiarandini, sees as protagonists some Friulian poets such as Pier Paolo Pasolini, Pierluigi Cappello, Riccardo Castellani, Eddi Bortolussi and Alan Brusini who are entrusted with the voice of soprano Maria Giovanna Michelini.


Music enhances the poetic elements through the creation of a musical and emotional atmosphere capable of underlining every little sensation. The result is an articulated and varied program that supports the metric typology used by the various poets passing from the strophic form, where the singing line moves freely and sinuously merging with the delicate sound of the piano, to a greater structural freedom in which the vocal part can be interrupted by short musical interludes that recall what already happened or prepare for what is about to happen.

Maria Giovanna Michelini, soprano
Paolo Chiarandini, Pianoforte

Lieder’s scores are available for free download in the “Compositions” section.